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Our ISO 9002 certified factory, situated in Jiangsu province, PR China, has a yearly production capacity of 25,000mt synthetic iron oxide pigments. We specialize in red oxides and productions include H101, 120, NS110, Y101 and 130, etc.   We also supply yellow 313 for our customers’ needs.   Samples can be matched should you require a special colour shade or tinting strength.

We handle the export documentation in Hong Kong, while the finished products are directly shipped from Shanghai to the required destination. With our decades of experience in the field of Chinese iron oxides, we keep abreast of the latest development of the iron oxide production and economic situation in PR China. Also with our location in Hong Kong, we are able to take advantage of its unique position, sound infrastructure and excellent banking system. As a result we can offer flexible payment terms, excellent service, and satisfy your other needs.   We would be pleased to provide you with more details on prices and product specifications.   Samples can also be sent immediately for testing upon request. 

Apart from our core iron oxide business, we have also been supplying titanium dioxide, barium chloride, and barytes to users around the globe.

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